Advantages of Mobile Applications: 10 Benefits of Mobile Apps

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the long list of benefits of mobile apps. At the end of the day, you don’t need an app to do everything. Keep reading to learn some basic benefits of mobile apps and how a well-developed app can take your business to the next level.

Different Types of Apps Businesses Use for Enhanced Customer Experience

When it comes to the benefits of creating an app, it comes down to the type of app you need to make. Here are four common types of apps that improve customer experience.

Task Execution Apps

Task execution apps are a straightforward way for customers to accomplish tasks they’d typically do on your website. For example, car rental companies (like Enterprise and Hertz) have apps to let customers make and alter reservations.

On the other hand, time tracking apps like Hours TimeLord make full use of the advantages of mobile applications without the restrictions of extensive web services.

Customer Service and Chatbot Apps

In our fast-paced world, people expect answers faster than ever. Developing a customer service app could help you transform how your business meets customer needs. 

Chatbots and customer service apps create a pathway to faster problem resolution. They provide customers with a level of independence in reporting problems, access to troubleshooting assistance, and help bridge the gap between them and business representatives.

Loyalty Apps

Consumer loyalty is one of the most highly sought-after benefits of creating an app, but this type of app centers it. Loyalty apps are usually an extension of your existing loyalty program and make it easy for your customers to score store points and engage with your brand.

Content Focused Apps

When considering app benefits for businesses, don’t overlook content apps! This style of app focuses on entertaining and educating consumers, like recipe or workout apps. Content-focused apps can focus on nurturing your customer relationships but can also guide customers to make in-app purchases or inspire them to buy products, like ingredients or equipment.

10 Benefits of Mobile Apps All Businesses Should Know

While the app benefits for businesses are as unique and diverse as companies can be, here are a few common perks to help you consider what you need from your mobile app.

Improve Customer Loyalty

One of the key benefits of mobile apps that businesses can take advantage of is improving customer loyalty. Your app will provide customers with a new platform to connect with your brand, engage with your loyalty program, and find content to share.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

If you want to get around the inefficiencies of email marketing, then this may be one of your favorite benefits of mobile apps. Your business’s app can easily connect with your customers wherever they are in the world and in their day through push notifications. 

Marketing through apps is more effective and faster than other forms of marketing. The best part? According to statistics published by Business of Apps, Consumers opt into push notifications substantially more often than they do email subscriptions.

Enhanced Accessibility

Too often, businesses overlook one of the most incredible advantages of mobile applications: accessibility. Accessibility features take a lot of different forms, from talk-to-text and screen readers to display settings like dark mode.

The important part is that accessibility features help your brand reach consumers who aren’t being served by over 10,000 apps on the market.

Stand Out From the Competition

You need every edge you can find in today’s competitive marketplace, and apps are a perfect way to help your business stand out from the crowd. You need an app designed to meet your customers’ (and brand’s) needs.

Unique Service and Payment Offerings

A clothing retailer could integrate reverse image search into their shopping app so that customers can shop for similar products. Your favorite local cafe’s app could allow you to pay with your favorite payment method when you order in advance.

Being able to provide unique services and payment offerings are huge benefits of creating an app. Understanding your audience will help you find the right features to offer.

Facilitate New Client Data

Apps provide a lot of unique ways to gather clients’ data, from behavioral and chatbot data to reviews and surveys. A well-designed app will take advantage of these, helping you to develop your mobile marketing strategy.

Offer Instant Customer Service

Another one of the great app benefits for businesses is the ability to provide instant customer service. Chatbots can answer simple questions and direct users to chats with dedicated customer service representatives when necessary. This is a great way to ease your customer service workload and costs in the long run.

Have Control Over Your Brand

It’s easy to make the mistake of viewing your app as an island, but it’s an extension of your brand identity. While that can make it seem harder to design, it creates a framework for your app. 

A strong understanding of your brand and where it’s going will help you create an app that supports your branding goals.

Receive Customer Feedback

One of the best benefits of mobile apps is that they’re a simple, easy way to gather customer feedback. Loyalty programs provide a natural avenue for incentivizing customers to answer survey questions. Who wouldn’t answer a survey for loyalty points and the chance to win a gift card?

Push notifications and prompts to rate your app can be another great way to get feedback. How could a mobile app improve your company’s ability to gather information on consumer satisfaction?

Improve Customer Engagement

An app is an excellent option if you want an easy way to get (and keep!) your customers’ attention. The average consumer spends 3+ hours a day on their phone, which explains how over 65% of online purchases are made through mobile devices.

Since they’re already on their devices, your app becomes an easy route for your customers to interact with your brand. With the right design, you can create a shopping oasis that will discourage them from shopping around.

How Five Pack Can Help Solve Your Mobile App Needs

Now that you can see the advantages of mobile applications, what does your company need an app to do? At Five Pack, we take the time to understand your company’s pain points and develop innovative solutions to help you compete in a rapidly changing world.

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Advantages of Mobile Applications

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