What You Need to Know About Geofencing for Your App

Have you heard of Geofencing? The term is coming up more often in product manuals and news articles. It’s also a feature in mobile applications. If you’re not exactly sure what it is, you aren’t alone. Here’s what you need to know about it and how you can benefit.

An Explanation of Geofencing

Geofencing uses the GPS, Global Positioning System, satellite network to create virtual boundaries around a specific location. It may also use local radio-frequency identifiers to do the same thing. The geofence is paired with an application to respond to the boundary and is dictated by parameters in the program.

This type of solution has been available for decades. The problem was that those who wished to utilize it were forced to invest in expensive hardware. For example, one of the earliest uses was in the livestock industry. Farmers would tag cattle in a herd and be alerted if those cattle left a specific boundary. Other uses were in the fleet industry so that owners could monitor company vehicles.

Let’s say that you aren’t in the farming or transportation industries. Now that you have an idea of what geofencing is, you want to know how it actually applies to you.

In Application

Geofencing is no longer cost-restrictive. Because of this, it has been utilized in a wide range of applications. Here are a few examples.

1. Productivity

You need to get things done, but what if you aren’t in the right place? Let’s say you want to buy a certain item from a certain store. You can set a location-based reminder to do it the next time you are there. You want to pull something off a specific computer at work? Set a reminder.

2. Smarthomes

Controlling the home is where geofencing has gained the most popularity. With geofencing, people can turn on the household lights as they enter and set them to turn off when they leave. People can even use the application to control their thermostats.

3. People Tracking

If you want to keep track of your family, there are several apps that allow you to do it. Life360 for example is a great way to set up zones and notifications. Find My Friends is another app that uses geofencing in order to set up location alerts.

If you’re in the app development industry, having a working knowledge of geofencing can only boost your business. People want to do things quickly and they want information now. If you can provide this, your app is going to take off. If you have an idea for an app, look for ways that you can integrate geofencing within it and give people what they are looking for.

Apps can help you run your life and your business more productively. If you have a need for mobile app development, please reach out to our team. We will discuss your needs and offer you effective solutions.

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