Managed Services Vs Staff Augmentation – What Are The Differences

Managed Services Vs Staff Augmentation – What To Choose More and more, businesses are looking to move away from the full-time employment model for certain jobs or projects. Are you one of them? If so, you should understand the concept of managed services vs staff augmentation. They’re both methods with which you’re going to take […]

5 iOS App Development Tools That You Should Know How To Use

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out as a mobile developer or you’re a seasoned veteran. There are a few iOS app development tools that you must simply master to bring your skills to the next level. Besides, many (if not all) bigger businesses will require an iOS app at some point, thanks to […]

What’s The Best iOS App Development Language You Should Learn?

Mobile apps have become pretty much a necessity for all medium-size and larger businesses. They give you the competitive edge you need to reach your audience and increase your ROI, or to enhance and improve your in-house procedures.  iOS has had a market share of 57.62% in June 2020 – June 2021, so it’s a […]

The 9 Best Android App Development Frameworks to Use in 2022

Android has always been a mobile platform with a large share of the market. Together with iOS, they accounted for 71% of all digital traffic in 2019 (in just the U.S.A)! Besides, mobile use is going really strong worldwide as well. With this in mind, it’s only natural that you should master at least one […]

What Is Custom App Development -The Entire Process Explained

custom app development

What is Custom Application Development? Custom app development is the process of creating a bespoke software product for a well defined group of people. In other words, all the steps (design, coding, deployment, maintenance) are directed towards a final software application that fulfills particular requirements. The end users could be members of your own organization, […]

The 4 Criteria for What Makes a Great App

There are thousands of apps on both iOS and Android, but not all of them are popular. So, what makes a great app? How come some apps go viral, others are somewhat popular, and some are quickly forgotten or never found in the first place?  Every Mobile App Developer Must Remember the Below 4 Criteria: […]

Top 10 Benefits Of Staff Augmentation Services

benefits of staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is the practice of bringing extra personnel for some or all of your business’s projects. Whether they’re small scale or large projects, there are many options for you to choose from. In essence, you get contingent staff from a third party vendor. However, you get to personally choose all staff that you want, […]

What is Staff Augmentation? Using Outside Personnel Right

What is Staff Augmentation? Staff augmentation is the process of hiring a skilled professional to work onsite at your company on a contractual agreement. It gives you a powerful alternative to full-time employment. By leveraging expert contract workers and outsourced services, you can enhance your existing team’s capabilities for a given project. The practice is […]

Mobile App Development Team Structure

When building a mobile app development team for your project, you’ve likely hit three major roadblocks: breaking the work down into specific roles, finding the right people to fulfill each function, and budgeting for your staffing needs. If you’re feeling stuck at any point on your journey towards developing a power team, you’ve come to […]

5 Questions To Ask When Outsourcing App Development

Mobile apps are now an essential part of owning a smartphone. In 2020, with smartphone penetration ever-increasing, there were 218 billion app downloads — a 26 billion jump from 2018. On top of this, the average smartphone user now has around 40 apps installed, which has analysts foreseeing mobile app revenue to be worth $935 […]