Flutter App Development: Top Benefits of Using Flutter

Businesses are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and be innovative in their field while meeting the needs of their customers. Before, having a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website was enough to get people to visit your business. However, in this day and age, people are constantly on their phones and expect a user-friendly mobile […]

ROI For Mobile Apps: Everything You Need To Know

Trying to stay on the cutting-edge of any industry can be complicated. App development is transforming how businesses handle everything from customer retention to streamlining the sales process. If your business is pursuing an app development project, keeping an eye on the anticipated Return on Investment (ROI) can help keep things on course. Keep reading […]

4 Tricks for Maintaining Productivity

I remember when I was first introduced to a business instant messaging system – good ‘ol NWSend from Novell. You could send a short message to another user and it would pop up on their … well … we didn’t call ’em “Desktops” back then … pop up on their “screen”. It was fairly unobtrusive. […]

SCRUMmy Bug Fixes

It’s a common theme on SCRUM teams: How do we account for bugs? You never know how many will come in, what will be their priority, and what about those fifty or so that have been sitting in the backlog forever? I’m happy to share my experience and my process for turning around a project […]

A Simple Pattern for iOS Main Threading

Apple is becoming more and more strict about the proper use of the main thread. Warnings occur all the time in Xcode now, and app crashes occur frequently when UI operations take place outside the main thread. The situation comes up when you have UI operations that take place after an asynchronous data load, or […]

3 Things to Know about iOS CoreBluetooth

Here at Five Pack, I’ve been working on a project that uses a customized Tertium Blueberry, an RFID reader that sends the data to a BTLE compatible device such as an iPhone. It’s a great little piece of hardware, but it’s been a challenge to get the project requirements working… or at least working smoothly […]