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American Airlines, who serves more destinations and passengers than any other airline, has always been on the frontline of implementing the latest technologies. When the mobile wave hit, they needed to enter those skies with precision by offering an app that could serve their on-the-go customers. They had a talented web team, but they needed the experts in mobile to help them make that transition. They also needed help to build a mobile team in-house for the long-term. 

Problems to Solve

  • Expansion into the mobile world.
  • Expertise in app development for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  • Help building a mobile development team.

American Airlines has always insisted on utilizing Apple’s latest features and devices. We worked with them on their development of their apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, which was one of the first robust Apple Watch apps developed. Due to this, they were featured on stage at WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference).


Over the last eight years, our mobile development team has been instrumental in providing expertise and design talent to support the American Airlines staff in the production of their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications. We have served a critical role in bringing the broad spectrum of AA mobile products into the stores. Five Pack has also worked with American Airlines to locate the best in-house mobile talent for their needs. 


  • Optimized early iPad app for larger screen size.
  • Instrumental in the development of the Apple Watch, which was featured on stage by Apple.
  • Developed significant portions of the customer-facing iPhone application.
  • Developed many AA internal applications.

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