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Pursuing whitetail deer is all about knowing when and where to hunt. Since 1989, Drury Outdoors has been helping hunters successfully define these variables using the most advanced algorithm ever created to track whitetail. With a new season approaching, the DeerCast app was due for an update, and Mark and Terry Drury had vision for new features that could deliver even more value to their users. Five Pack partnered with the Drury Outdoors team to design, develop, and deliver DeerCast 2.0 just in time for the 2022 hunting season, making it the most advanced deer hunting application in the market.

Problems to Solve

  • Create a map feature that displays topography and elevation
  • Support live doppler radar 
  • Allow users to set multiple waypoints on one interactive map
  • Integrate a GPS tracker
  • Update existing codebase

DeerCast 2.0 was developed using a cross-platform solution that supports mobile and web users; this dually gave us the opportunity to update the existing codebase and overcome obstacles such as outdated plug-ins. Due to hunting areas often being in areas with poor cellular reception, we integrated specific functionality with offline mode in mind such as maps and parcel lines. The new immersive DeerCast map feature delivers the ability to set waypoints, create and manage food plots, measure distances, access parcel data, check the wind, view live doppler radar, and record GPS tracks. 

All of these features combined create the playbook hunters need to make informed decisions using 13 different weather variables across 13 different phases on an hour-by-hour basis up to 14-days out. DeerCast 2.0 not only delivered all of this functionality to users’ fingertips in time for the upcoming hunting season, but it also integrated new subscription tiers that underscore Drury Outdoors’ revenue goals.


  • Launched DeerCast 2.0 ahead of the 2022 hunting season
  • Integrated the latest tech with doppler radar 
  • Delivered an interactive map feature 
  • Supported the ability to work offline
  • Replaced dated code to ensure the product was scaleable moving forward

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