How students learned in 2020 shifted drastically. They went from in-class, group interaction to mostly at-home, individual learning. Engage2learn, a company that provides person-to-person coaching, resources, and materials for teachers, wanted a tool that would provide assistance to both the elementary school teacher and the young learner when out of the classroom. The teacher needed support in organizing curriculum, creating lesson plans, and developing homework. The student needed the learning experience to match their level of education and to draw them into the lesson plans.

Problems to Solve

  • Develop software platform that encouraged student independent learning.
  • Facilitate learning online targeted to the young learner.
  • Create tool for teacher and student communication.
  • Incorporate engage2learn’s unique learning system.
Engage2learn uses specific methodology in their approach to teaching, which was incorporated into the app process. All lessons incorporated into indipath are also based on educational state standards.
Partnered with Apple for this development, we took engage2learn through a detailed discovery phase to map out the priorities, core problems, and develop an in-depth analysis of the users. Targeted to preschool to third grade learners, the app uses bright visuals and whimsical design to engage the students into different levels of the lessons. Through engage2learn’s proprietary learning process as the backbone of the app, students can work at their own pace, on their own time, and with learning autonomy, all while their progress is tracked and guided by the teacher.


  • Within six months, the first version of indipath was in school districts for the pilot phase.
  • Available in Apple stores now.
  • Expected to reach broader school usage by upcoming school year.

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