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Match made waves in the tech world at the same time they made waves in the dating one. After their launch in 1995, they pioneered online dating by utilizing their expertise in software development, which attracted members in 25 countries. Their next big splash needed to be in the mobile development world with a robust IOS and Android app, but they needed to bring in mobile industry leaders for that expertise. 

Problems to Solve

  • Expansion into the mobile world with a background in web-based development only. 
  • Making the transition to a mobile-first mentality. 
Match iPad app was nominated in the Social-Tablets Category at the 15th Webby Awards.
In 2012, our mobile design team worked, both onsite and remotely, with Match’s product team to develop a comprehensive, user-friendly app from scratch that would bolster communication between single members. Working within their processes and workflow, our development talent consulted as experts in their field to provide the backbone of the early mobile app. We also assisted them in building their onsite mobile team. Our consulting and staff augmentation relationship continues to this day.


  • Built consistent user-experience across platforms.
  • iPad version nominated for Webby Award.
  • Created revenue growth in first year.

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