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Newman Ministries iOS and Android App Development
Newman Ministries connects Catholic students with Catholic campus ministries at 400 campuses nationwide. They needed a central hub where students could go to connect with their campus ministry, learn about events, and access information, while the campus ministry leaders needed a streamlined communication tool to reach students. The communication side of their outreach, which used multiple social media platforms, needed consolidated into one easy-to-access location.

Problems to Solve

  • Consolidate communication for ministry leaders
  • Connect students to other students in their faith
  • Make it easily accessible
Newman Ministries is the resource used by tens of thousands of Catholic students each year to find a Catholic presence on their campus. Communication and outreach is a key component in successfully living out their mission. No other app provided these tools and an easy user interface for this niche.
We designed an IOS and Android app, both backend development and user interface, that targets college students and graduating high school students looking to connect to Catholic ministries on a particular campus. Under the selected campus, each user can access events, updates, and network in their location. The platform is closed, which allows the ministry leaders greater control over what content is allowed. Students can also meet ministry leaders, chat with other students, RSVP to events, and check the schedule for upcoming meetings. With a centralized online site, ministry leaders can organize their outreach, manage events, and cut out unnecessary repetition and confusion when communicating across multiple platforms.


  • First app version released in 2020 and available in Apple and Google Play stores.
  • Several updates released since.
  • Expansion of functionality is scheduled for next round of updates.

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