Simplifying Docing


Native iOS mobile development
The challenge

A mom had a problem. When her child was sick, Hadas Kanner-Golan needed to keep track of their pain and fever doses, but there wasn’t an app that automated this process. She needed an app that adapted the medication dosage to her child’s specific needs and profile, while also keeping track of when and how much was administered. She needed the help keeping this information tracked, and she figured other parents did, too. So, she came to us with an idea.



“Their sense of partnership, familiarity, and passion make them stand out—they were the only ones that expressed such willingness to work together as partners.”

The solution

We worked with Kanner-Golan to map out the user base, help with discovery, complete the vetting process, and then develop and design the OnCure app. OnCure allows users to set up a profile for their child, which includes specifics like their weight and age. When a child becomes ill, the user can launch an event, which automatically populates the dosage and times for pain and fever reducers. A symptom tracker and journal feature help the user keep all the child’s health information in one location and organized, which can be shared during the next pediatrician visit. A medication reminder for long-term medications can also be activated. The child’s profile can also be shared with secondary care providers, such as grandparents or nannies, so everyone involved in the child’s care remains on the same dosing schedule.