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Growers spend a majority of their time out in the field. This is where they gather data, track growth, study patterns, and strategize. Syngenta Digital has a web-based farm management software system called Land.db, but they needed a robust mobile version that would allow their clients to utilize their software when they needed it most: in the field.

Problems to Solve

  • Clients increasingly voicing the need for mobile.
  • App needed to operate while also offline.

Growers frequently use tablets in the field. To provide Syngenta Digital’s clientele a full user experience, we designed the mobile app to operate at optimum levels whether on the phone or tablet. 

To create the mobile version for Land.db, we built the program from the ground up and handled all aspects of UI/UX, development, management, and delivery. Syngenta Digital clients now have their farming management tool while anywhere in the field. Due to farming work often being in areas with poor or no internet connection, every feature in the app can be used and accessed while offline. Once the app reconnects to the internet, it automatically syncs back up to the main system and server. The app also provides geolocation data to help users automatically locate the field they’re surveying, to set rain gauges based on location, and to easily access maps and locations to track distances.


  • Syngenta Digital experienced increased production, increased revenue, and increased client satisfaction since the app development.
  • In comparison to the web-only offering, the mobile app usage is monumentally higher.
  • Customer retention increased, as well as the purchasing of additional Syngenta products.

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Let's Get Started.

We’re standing by ready to answer your questions and to help solve your problems!

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