Deep Linking Integration For Mobile Apps with

Deep links allow developers to send users directly to an app rather than a website or store. By creating a seamless transition, they improve user experience and increase conversion rates. In this blog we’ll define the types of deep links, the most common uses for them, and a technical guide to implementing them from Five […]

App Accessibility Is A Must Have In Mobile App Development

Mobile App Accessibility

Accessibility features give users with disabilities a way to interact with an application, but they don’t stop there. They actually allow any user to tailor their device and it’s UI to their individual preferences, making it possible for users to connect with your app and brand in a way that is personal to them.  In […]

Five Pack Listed as a Top Developer by Clutch

On average, 75% of mobile users in advanced economies own smartphones. Mobile applications are optimized for mobile devices, making them easier to use than going through the company’s traditional website. That’s why it’s no surprise that more companies than ever are investing in mobile app development. As a provider of mobile application development services, we […]

The 5 Core Principles of Mobile Maturity

Unless your team has been operating under a rock for the past decade, it’s common knowledge that mobile experiences dominate virtually all other digital touchpoints today. Recent Google research found that two times more brand experiences occur on mobile than anywhere else, and nearly two-thirds of the world’s population is connected with a mobile device. […]

Is Mobile-First Enough? How and Why a Mobile-Inclusive Strategy is the Way Forward

At the Mobile World Conference in 2010, Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt announced a major shift in the company’s digital efforts, saying: “Our programmers are doing work on mobile-first. We’ll still have a desktop version, but we’ll also have one on a high-performance mobile phone. The top programmers want to work on mobile apps.” Even at […]

The Secret to Mobile App Profit

What do peanut butter and jelly, Bill and Melinda, Ben and Jerry, and Jobs and Wozniak have in common? They’re wildly successful relationships that live in our collective psyche. You really can’t have one without the other. And each would not be nearly as famous without the other. Their profits depend on the partnership. To […]