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Nothing is more frustrating than when your phone takes forever to open an app. In an age where there are so many different apps to choose from, you do not want to have to pick and choose what your smartphone can handle. Instead, many people are turning to lightweight versions of their favorite apps. Available for Android devices, these lite apps were originally created for use in countries where data connection is too weak for the normal versions. However, more consumers are moving towards using lite apps because of their smaller storage space and quick loading features.

Often times you are able to download these lite apps directly from Google Play. You may run into issues with apps that are only available in the country they were developed in. In these cases, you can use a technique called sideloading. To do this, reset the security feature in your phone’s settings to allow Unknown sources. Be sure to download apps from trusted sources, as this setting allows you to download apps from outside Google Play. Using your browser, you can search and download APK (Android Package Kit) files of your favorite lite apps.

Some popular apps available in lite versions are Twitter Lite, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Skype Lite, and Instagram Lite.  These apps have some usage restrictions; for example, the Messenger Lite application does not allow video calls. However, the benefits include taking up less storage space and providing faster loading speeds.

If you are developing a mobile app, whether it be lite or regular, our team at Five Pack Creative is here to help. Reach out to find out how we can help your business, and answer any questions you have regarding mobile app development.

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