FPC Named One of the Fastest Growing Mobile App Solution Providers

When it comes to growth, the ancient Romans had the right idea: “Expand or Die”. Too bad their focus wasn’t more on creating manageable growth like…well…like us. That’s right, in a span of about 9 years, Five Pack has gone from a veritable one-man team (our founder, Jerry Beers) to a 50-or-more-person army of design, development, and quality assurance talent. Needless to say, that kind of sustainable growth rarely goes unnoticed.

Recently, our ever growing team and portfolio, which includes projects and partners like American Airlines, Match.com, Hours, Olio City, the United Way, and so on, was featured in Insights Success’s March 2017 issue highlighting the 10 Fastest Growing Mobile App Solution Provider Companies. The beautiful, two-page spread takes note of FPC’s various app development services, company history, and our process (and why it’s beneficial for our clients). We’re even referred to as one of the “premier resources for custom mobile development projects and for sourcing mobile development talent” – humbling praise but gratefully accepted. 

On top of that, we’re also in the running for the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, which is a compilation of the fastest-growing companies in America. Past Inc. 5000 honorees include GoPro, Domino’s, Facebook, Chobani, and Under Armour. To learn more and to track our progress, check out the Five Pack verified Inc. profile.

Of course, if you would like assistance with your next mobile app project, you can visit our site or send us an email. For now, we’ll be retreating back to the safety of our computer desks, as all this flattery is almost too much… almost.

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