Flutter vs. React Native: Everything You Need to Know 2022

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Are you ready to develop a new app? Do you want to do it in a way that saves you time and money? There are two options to consider that tick those boxes through cross-platform development: Flutter and React Native. But which should you choose? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these leaders in the market so you can decide which framework best fits your vision. 

All About Flutter

To compare Flutter and React Native, let’s break down what each platform has to offer. Flutter was created by Google and released in 2017 to help developers build and deploy visually attractive cross-platform apps. Flutter is a comprehensive app Software Development Kit (SDK), complete with widgets, tools, and written in the Dart language. This empowers app developers to create mobile, web, and desktop apps using a single codebase. 

Pros of Flutter

Flutter is becoming increasingly popular for its fast and efficient development. With its single codebase results, it is also a more cost-effective approach. Flutter has a “Hot Reload” feature that allows changes in the code to be visible to a developer instantly, allowing for rapid iteration and experimentation. Widgets allow for finite customization of UI elements, and its compatibility with third-party integrations provides access to native features. Apps created in Flutter are distinguished by their user interface and performance.

Cons of Flutter

In comparing React Native vs Flutter in terms of age, Flutter is a relatively young platform with a smaller resource base. Developers will have access to fewer third party libraries, and some limitations exist simply because the framework is still maturing. Furthermore, the app file size is larger in comparison to other native frameworks, which could pose an issue for a small population of users who have devices with limited storage. 

All About React Native

As we move along in our React Native vs Flutter debate, let’s talk about the ins and outs of React Native. React Native is an open-source platform created in JavaScript. It is designed by Meta Platforms, and it can be used for both iOS and Android operating systems, as well as web and Windows. The apps made in React Native can work on any device and still use only one codebase. The platform can help drive savings on development costs while still delivering a polished user experience.

Pros of React Native

React Native has many pros both from a business and development perspective. Many developers love the platform because it allows them to reuse code and recycle other components from the wider React Native ecosystem. Sharing the codebase makes work faster and cheaper to maintain, and you can create both iOS and Android apps without hiring two separate teams.

Development time with React Native vs Flutter is comparable. There is also a large community for React Native, so you’re likely to find a fix online for many of the problems you might run into during development. When it comes to user experience, React Native delivers high-performance apps, as long as you aren’t building a heavy game or using complicated designs or interactions.

Cons of React Native

While React Native has its high points, there are a few cons to consider too. React Native doesn’t quite perform up to the level of a native app and deliver the same user experience. That said, there is some re-architecture underway that will boost React Native’s performance and make apps run faster on older Android devices. 

There are some inefficiencies when designing in React Native vs. Flutter. Complicated designs or advanced interactions may be developed faster in Flutter. There are some custom modules available, but you may need to build more specific components from scratch. Additionally, updating React Native versions is often a complicated process.   

Flutter vs React Native – How to Choose?

We’ve given you a pretty good overview of what you need to know to evaluate Flutter versus React Native. If you’re still trying to decide which is best suited for your project consult with Five Pack.

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