Building the future

starts like this...

Spoiler: we’re not unique because we build apps; there are plenty of teams who can do that for you. It’s the strategic approach to app development informed by years of industry experience that distinguish our process. Let’s dive into it. 

Building an app is kind of like building a house

The not-so-secret formula

Your Visionary Genius

You’re a visionary for seeing a solution no one else sees; our goal is to partner our technical expertise with your dream to make it a reality.

Five Pack's Expertise

With over 100+ years of combined development experience, we know how to build scalable software solutions that meet rigorous standard. 

A Firm Strategy

By forming a true partnership that fuses these two things, we’re able to clearly define the problem you’re solving, the user you’re solving it for, and the development strategy you need to get started.


Discuss & Understand

Servant Leadership is one of our values, and it’s one you’ll experience from your first interaction with our team. Our goal is to add value to you right from the start by understanding the problem you’re trying to solve and the user you’re solving it for along with your budget and timeline. We’ll take ownership of all of those things as if they were our own to help you understand what it will take to get your app to market and what options you have. 


  • Ballpark estimate 
  • Industry advice
  • Code review
  • Referrals to vendors/products


Launch Lab

This Five Pack proven process is the secret to how we mitigate risks, maximize returns, and optimize strategy before we write a line of code. Starting with a one-day in person session, we work hand-in-hand with you to define the problem we’re solving, the user we’re solving it for, and the software solution that meets those needs. Within 30-days of that session, we hand off these deliverables: 


  • Design wireframes + prototype 
  • Documented requirements
  • Research + technology recommendations
  • Detailed estimate


Release & Repeat

Our mission is to build a true partnership with you as we’re building your app. That means once a product is launched it will need to be maintained and improved upon, and we are experts at that evolutionary process. Rest assured that when you choose Five Pack, there’s never a point where your project is too big or small for our team. 


  • Maintenance agreements
  • Monthly retainers
  • Staffing
  • Launch Lab 2.0


Develop & Deliver

When it’s time to begin development, you can expect our team to work with you hand-in-hand every step of the way. From design reviews and demos, to helping you get the accounts you need set up and your app prepared for submission, we’ll guide you through every decision and closely manage the project to your defined timeline, scope, and budget. 


  • Released application
  • Design assets
  • Source code
  • Analytics research & integration

Mitigate your risks, Maximize your return

The fusion of our expertise and experience forms the DNA of our process. This is what we bring to the table during Launch Lab to ensure that when you build the future, you build the right thing, the right way.