How We Work

This is how problems are solved.

How We Solve Problems

Step 1

Discuss & Understand

This is where we get to know you for free! We want to hear about your problems and needs and see if we are a good candidate for helping you solve your problems.

Possible Outcomes

  • Ball Park Quotes
  • Industry Advice or Direction
  • Referrals to Good Vendors or Products

Step 2

Explore & Ideate

Discovery Sprint or Sprint Zero
In this phase we will want to go deep into discovering the core problems we need to solve and designing solutions that solve those problems. It could be a proof of concept for a technical challenge or a design for a new product that will be launched into the market. Our detailed processes and workshops will help set a project up for success by building a plan that can be accurately estimated and properly communicated to key stakeholders.

Possible Outcomes

  • Core Problem Analysis
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Features Deep Dives
  • End to End Wireframes
  • End to End High Fidelity Designs
  • Written Requirements
  • Product Roadmap
  • Detailed Estimates

Step 3

Develop & Deliver

The rubber has to meet the road at some point and in this phase, we start turning concepts and ideas into reality. Following best practices and industry standards along with time-tested agile development methodologies, our team will meticulously build out the solution while iterating along the way. It’s not good enough to just build something, we need to build something that moves the needle forward and gets real results for our clients.

Step 4

Hand Off & Maintain

The journey is never over after a project is complete. Once a product is built it will need to be maintained and improved upon, and we are no strangers to that process. Whether it’s simple maintenance or continued product development, we will stick with your team as long as we are needed to ensure the success of the effort.

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