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Since day one, Five Pack has been distinguished by our onshore team composed of top talent. We don’t just find great people; we build them. If you’re interested in joining our Pack there’s good news: we’re always hiring. 

Company Positions


We love designers who design apps to be as pleasant to use as they are to look at (and compliant with Apple and Google interface guidelines). Drop us a line if you love to elevate digital products using the following skills:

Mobile Developers

Are you a developer who can provide efficient, cutting-edge solutions tailored to a project’s specific needs? Then ask about joining our expert team of mobile developers who help our clients build great iOS and Android experiences on phones, tablets, and watches using one ore more of these technologies:

Web Developers

If you are passionate about building visually stunning, highly functional, and responsive web-based experiences, we would love to meet you; especially if you’re an expert at any or all of these technologies:

Quality & Logistics

It takes more than design and development to build great products. Software needs to be tested, understood, communicated, and on schedule. If you write bugs, requirements, or budget reports, let’s talk about the possibility of one of these roles:

Why choose Five Pack?

The Pack

Work with an onshore team of ‘A’ players.  Our hybrid mix of completely remote employees with those local to Tulsa and Dallas helps our team transcend geographic boundaries to form an unmatched network of talent.

Alpha College

Five Pack is distinguished by its internal training program designed to continually invest and grow our employees no matter what your skill set or experience level is.  Architected by veterans in the industry, Alpha College integrates continued education, mentorship, and exposure to new technologies into your role.


Working on innovative new projects for Fortune 100’s to ambitious startups is just the beginning. Five Pack also owns more than four applications as SAAS businesses, in addition to operating our Innovation Lab (iLab), giving employees the opportunity to pitch new product ideas and potentially help bring them to life. 

Our Values

At Five Pack our values aren’t a collection of cliché phrases; they’re the DNA of who we are and what’re looking for in the people we hire.


We empower our teams to take full responsibility for their work, actions, and outcomes. It fosters a sense of accountability, self-motivation, and pride in delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. Simply stated: your project and success are personal to us from day one.

Servant Leadership

In our eyes, our clients are the hero of their story. Us? We’re just the guide along the journey. In practice, this look likes building trust and empathy through every interaction by anticipating client needs and creating solutions ahead of time. 


Too often we hear stories of clients who are on their second or third development team. Why? Because they didn’t know the questions to ask and the result were less than satisfactory. At Five Pack, we define integrity as doing the right thing even when it’s hard and no one is looking.


Steve Jobs once defined simplicity as, “…the ultimate sophistication.” We train our team to achieve this level of sophistication by beginning with the end in mind. That means taking the time to truly understand the problem we’re solving, the user we’re solving it for, and the risks we need to mitigate. 


It’s one thing to know what the end can be. It’s another to know that you can direct it. We approach every day with the awareness that the decisions we make and the actions we take can impact the future. We are intentional innovators, ever looking for ways that we can improve the experience of everyone we engage with. 

Explore opportunities.

We’re always on the search for great people. If you’re interested in joining our team of builders, explore the opportunities we have open and start your application.