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Snapchat & Augmented Reality

In December 2017, Snapchat launched a new desktop app called “Lens Studio” that enables users to use augmented reality lenses, fusing their digital information with their environment. It is made for use by anyone from an augmented reality amateur to professionals. It is a new step for the popular social media platform, but the numbers are still uncertain when it comes to how much growth this will curate for Snapchat.

Under half of daily active users are reported to be using the Lenses on an everyday basis,...

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Get Help With Your App

At a time when technology allows us to communicate with people across the world with ease, outsourcing mobile app development is becoming more and more common. Freelancers can be a great option to save money and time for your company, but there are a few common problems to keep an eye out for if you decide to outsource your app design and development.

1. Changing Time Zones

One thing that technology cannot yet fix is the issue of operating in different time zones. Although global communication is...

Consumers Are Drawn to “Lite” Apps

Nothing is more frustrating than when your phone takes forever to open an app. In an age where there are so many different apps to choose from, you do not want to have to pick and choose what your smartphone can handle. Instead, many people are turning to lightweight versions of their favorite apps. Available for Android devices, these lite apps were originally created for use in countries where data connection is too weak for the normal versions. However, more consumers are moving towards using lite apps because of their...

Keep These Needs in Mind When Creating a Pharma App

Whether you are an app developer or someone in the pharma industry who is interested in the needs of your client base, you may be considering creating an app. People are taking care of daily business with the touch of a finger, making website optimization important, but no longer the end-all-be-all. If you are thinking of developing a pharma app, keep these needs in mind.

1. Addressing Chronic Diseases

There are a number of people in the nation who are dealing with chronic disease. These people must live...

“Micro Apps” Are On the Rise

Tiny homes, tiny phones and tiny lives. Little is big. Popular for following trends, technology is once again following suit. The micro app is becoming wildly popular as organizations try to streamline and target specific needs.

Mobile apps, even ten years ago, used to be full of complicated custom code. As busy as the front end was, the backend was often even more complicated, requiring significant resources. Today's app is much different. Micro apps are taking advantage of APIs and cloud-based resources, all to provide customers with a quick and easy...

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