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Since 2008, we have helped entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike achieve breakthrough results by providing thoughtful and creative solutions. But our mission is bigger than the final product. We’re proud of the innovative products we design and develop. We’re just as proud (possibly more so) of the experience we create for our clients.

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You deserve to work with a partner that treats you like a human being, not a transaction. From the introductory phone call to final deployment of an app or digital product, we believe your team should consistently feel valued, respected, and understood.

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Finding reliable and capable technical talent in today’s competitive digital landscape isn’t easy, but we prove it is possible. We help our clients achieve breakthrough results by recruiting top-tier mobile designers, developers, and strategists and empowering them to do what they do best.

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Creativity is bigger than aesthetics. Creativity is exploring new and better ways of doing things. We connect your team with developers, designers, and engineers who are creatively curious. They apply design thinking and creatively solve problems for your business.

We believe you should look forward to every interaction you have with our team. That’s why we’re just as committed to taking care of you as we are to doing great work.

Meet Our Team

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Kevin Legg

CEO, Co-Founder

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Jerry Beers

CTO, Co-Founder

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Ethan Bryant


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Matt Hart
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Dan Wall

Sr. VP of Development

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Nyle Musgrave
VP of Development
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Stacey Johnson
VP of Program Management
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Grant McNamara
VP of Finance
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Collin Esmon
Sr. Director of Development
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Kaira McKinnon
Sr. Product Manager
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Ellen Legg

Business Operations

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Emily Garner
Special Projects

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