It's simply our DNA.

We are builders.

The mission that launched Five Pack in 2008 is the same one that motivates our team day in and day out. Learn more about our origins and what differentiates us from the competition. 

Our Values

At Five Pack, it all begins with our values. They’re not a collection of cliché phrases; they’re the DNA of who we are, shaping every decision we make and every project we undertake.


We empower our teams to take full responsibility for their work, actions, and outcomes. It fosters a sense of accountability, self-motivation, and pride in delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. Simply stated: your project and success are personal to us from day one. 

Servant Leadership

In our eyes, our clients are the hero of their story. Us? We’re just the guide along the journey. In practice, this look likes building trust and empathy through every interaction by anticipating client needs and creating solutions ahead of time. 


Too often we hear stories of clients who are on their second or third development team. Why? Because they didn’t know the questions to ask and the result were less than satisfactory. At Five Pack, we define integrity as doing the right thing even when it’s hard and no one is looking.


Steve Jobs once defined simplicity as, “…the ultimate sophistication.” We train our team to achieve this level of sophistication by beginning with the end in mind. That means taking the time to truly understand the problem we’re solving, the user we’re solving it for, and the risks we need to mitigate. 


It is one thing to know what the end can be. It’s another to know that you can direct it. We approach every day with the awareness that the decisions we make and the actions we take can impact the future. We are intentional innovators, ever looking for ways that we can improve the experience of everyone we engage with. 

Our Story

2008 - TODAY

Five Pack’s co-founders, Kevin Legg and Jerry Beers, learned the industry from the ground up building software and leading teams at innovative companies like Intuit and Sage.


In 2008, Apple made the historic announcement that the App Store would be opened to third-party apps. Our founders realized this would expose a new digital frontier and those looking to break into it would need a guide.

Since then, Five Pack has been that guide for startups to Fortune 100’s, like American Airlines, in addition to developing our own products that we own and operate. 


Our ability to build the future with great software is why clients come to us, but our commitment to building enduring relationships is why they stay. 

Defining The Difference


In an industry saturated with offshore developers, Five Pack is differentiated by our composition of a completely onshore team of top-tier talent; this eliminates timezone, cultural, and language barriers to ensure your experience along the development journey is as excellent as the app we build for you.


Within our executive team alone, we have 100+ years of senior experience in software development. This industry expertise is the DNA of our process that informs how we create scalable software solutions that meet rigorous standards to solve the right problems the right way.


There’s a difference between hiring a developer and finding a partner. We strive to be the latter by tailoring our services to your specific needs whether it’s custom development, staffing, maintenance agreements, or providing continued education to your team.

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