Defend your privacy


Native mobile app development
The challenge

Credit scores and finances can be overwhelming and sometimes complicated to figure out, especially to those who are still trying to figure out this whole ‘life’ thing. ConsumerDirect has a reputable history with managing and tracking credit scores but wanted to help Millennials and Gen Z boost their scores while protecting their information online. Cue Hogo: a fun, interactive, and secure way of identifying scams, tracking credit history/scores, and receiving  suggestions for score improvement. 



“We’ve established different timelines and goals, and they constantly meet them. We’ve also added features to our app along the way, extending their goals, and they’ve always worked very well around those changes.”

The solution

Built the hogo app in both native iOS and Android tech stacks and maintained a close collaboration with in-house designers, back-end developers, and other experts to create a high-quality, interactive and engaging app. Delivered high quality Android V1 of app in an exceptionally fast-tracked timeframe with specific features and functionality for a trademark deadline. Incorporated many standard privacy features such as splash pages, UX cams etc., to ensure the safety of customers’ information. Maintained flexibility and quality with shifting requirements and changing deadlines.